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You’re not smart – Kwasi Aboagye scolds Tima Kumkum

Host of Peace FM’s Entertainment Review, Kwasi Aboagye, has objurgated Tima Kumkum for her answers to questions she was asked during an interview with Delay, saying the actress and television presenter “didn’t demonstrate enough intelligence”.

Tima Kumkum, a divorcee, had told Delay she married not because she loved the ex-husband; she did so to spite her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her with her friend.

“I married my ex-husband to spite someone, an ex-boyfriend who had slept with my best friend. So it was a sort of revenge marriage. I was not in love with him even though we were friends and I liked him,” Tima confessed in the interview.

The mother of two, known in real life as Cynthia Tima Yeboah, added that although she did not tell the man she married the truth, he knew because the signs were clear. With the hope that the love will grow and things would take shape naturally, they went ahead and tied the knot.

“He knew I didn’t love him… He thought with time, I could develop love and affection for him,” Tima Kumkum said while touting “he was a good man, he never wronged me…”

Four years after divorce, the Adom TV presenter who married at age twenty-four (24) said she needs a man in her life because she is not a happy person.


“…something happens at work and I feel like taking the phone and calling someone, but who would I call? I need a man, and not just any man but someone who would give me my peace of mind,” a seeming emotional Tima Kumkum said.

Her revelation about why she married, according to Kwasi Aboagye, was not well thought through, an indication that she is not smart. According to him, Tima Kumkum should have kept that part of the story to herself for the sake of her children.

“I think Tima Kumkum is not smart. With all due respect, she didn’t demonstrate enough intelligence during her interview,” remarked Kwasi Aboagye on the January 23, 2021 edition of the show. “And I’m not surprised that after this interview with Delay, she’s granting interviews to explain herself. And when you listen to the interview, you could tell how unprepared she was.”

He further commented: “You don’t need to answer all questions posed to you during an interview. I think she should have demonstrated a lot of emotional intelligence because there are children involved. The interview is online, people will say she’s being frank but you should be mindful where to say the truth. Think about the children.”

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