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You’re Not Poor If You Can Talk On Phone For 5 Minutes – Ashanti Regional Minister [Video]

Honorable Simon Osei Mensah, Ashanti Regional Minister, claims that you are not poor if you can talk on phone for 5 minutes.

According to him, Ghanaians should support the existing government’s E-levy program since it will help enhance the country’s economic growth, especially given the negative impact of the Covid19 pandemic on the economy.

Surprisingly, Honorable Simon Osei Mensah later revealed that Ghanaians are not impoverished to the point of being unable to pay the E-levy because every citizen in the country could talk on their phones for more than 5 minutes regardless of the charges levied by their respective telecommunication networks.


Honorable Simon Osei Mensah asserted clearly, “You are not poor if you talk on the phone for 5 minutes.”

Watch The Video Below:

Source: AfricaCNN.com

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