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You Will Be 80 Years With No Husband And Children – Ghanaina Tells Delay

Some social media users can be very mean on the internet. A harmless tweet from Delay has landed her into a deep troll pit on the local digital space.

In the caption the female media mogul attached to a bewitching photo she shared on the bird app, 39-year old revealed that she’s still single notwithstanding the rumors that she’s in a secret love relationship with rapper Amerado.

She proudly wrote; Single, Independent, happy!

Well, these soft words from Delay were received in a bad fate by a couple of tweeps who should have just ignored the tweet with regards to common sense and basic decency.


These tweeps jumped on Delay like hungry vultures and tore her apart with demeaning comments.

One of these cyberbullies who can be identified as @Nova_Madit on the microblogging platform mocked Delay that she will be 80 years with no husband or children.

Toxic @Nova_Madit wrote;

She go do aaa den chop 80 with no companion as in husband n children as well… as a woman life is not all about independent n happy


Apart from @Nova_Madit, other idiots also came under Delay’s post to fully exhibit their foolishness.

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