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We’re sad when people die but we pray for good business always – Coffin Makers

There is this wild perception that coffin makers and sellers are the most heartless persons in Ghana because it is always their prayer that people die all the time so that they could cash on.

Well, Kwame Marfo one of the leaders of Kumasi Asafo Coffin makers and sellers disagrees with this assertion stating that in as much as they are in business, they are hurt when someone loses are relation.

Speaking to Ike De Unpredictable on Kumasi-based Angel Fm, he disclosed that their prayers are towards the good of Ghana and its citizens but maintained that death is inevitable.

According to him, it is always hurting to see someone shopping for a coffin to inter a relation which affects the bereaved person physically and emotionally.

Pushed by the host for a yes or no answer if they are happy when people die, Kwame Marfo explained that “Ike, we don’t feel happy when people die but we always pray to God to help us get business, make money and take care of our families”.


“Praying to God to help us get money doesn’t mean we want people to die or we are happy when people die but death is part of human journey and no one can escape death”.

Recently, members of the association were lamenting that marriage has become very scarce for them because of the profession in which they find themselves.

Some Coffin makers in the Garden city speaking in an interview with Pure Fm’s Osei Kwadwo explained that ladies always reject their marriage and love proposal because of their work.

According to them, “When we propose to the ladies they will accept our proposal but when they find out we manufacture coffins then they will call for a break up”.

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