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Trending Video Of A White Lady Working As Trotro Mate In Ghana [Watch]

A trending video of a female white lady who is working as a trotro mate to earn a living for herself in Ghana.

“If there are many countries, you don’t have to be in one country to embrace dishonor,” our forefathers used to say, and this is exactly what this female white lady was seen doing in the video.

She was also fluent in the names of Ghanaian towns when she was at the lorry park calling for customers, indicating that she had been in Ghana for a longer amount of time.


Although some people are hesitant to do this labor nowadays, this white lady was seen doing it gladly and without regard for the comments of others around her.

This white lady’s deed should serve as incentive for the next generation of people who are sitting idly and claiming that there is no job in the country. The video has sparked a lot of discussion and debate among internet users.

Watch The Video Below:

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