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Top Politician Runs Away From Camera After Side-Chick Attempted To Display His Face In Pool [Video]

A video trending on social media available to AfricaWish shows a top politician  allegedly running away from camera after his Side-Chick attempted to display his face in pool side

The man and his side-chick appeared to be having a nice time at pool side. While they were having fun, the lady turned the camera on herself and attempted to draw the old man face into the camera position.

Initially, the elderly gentleman was unaware that the young lady had placed a camera on herself, and he was simply being romantic with her.


He then realizes being recorded, he flees from the camera in terror. The lady continued to try to entice him into the video, but he bolted as if someone was after him.

Following the release of this video, some Ghanaians speculated that this elderly man would most likely fool his wife and children into believing he was going on a business trip or meeting. But here he is, having fun with Slay Queen who could easily be his daughter.

Watch The Video Below:


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