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The Next President Of Ghana Is In My Mouth – Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah

Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah of Royal House Chapel International fame has revealed that he knows who would be the future president of Ghana, but will not reveal his identity publicly for obvious reasons.

During a sermon on Sunday, December 12, 2021, the so-called man of God told his naive congregation this.

He further stated that, despite having the ability to predict who will be Ghana’s next president, he does not misuse his skills by prophesying all over the place.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I can tell you that the next president of Ghana is in my mouth if you look into my eyes.” “We will decide who controls the nation’s resources,” Rev. Sam Korankye-Ankrah remarked.

“However, one of the reasons you should be pleased with me is that I do not misuse my position of power and authority.”

“I used them intelligently and judiciously, and I am not like those other prophets who simply prophesy in the stomach direction.”

Rev. Sam Korankye also revealed that he meets with anyone who loses a presidential race in Ghana before the results are announced.

“I talk to anybody who loses an election in this nation before they lose…

I take them to my office and inform them that they will not win the upcoming elections.

“It’s not something I’m supposed to mention to the congregation because it’s not a good thing to prophesy bad things,” he explained, “but I tell them and they occasionally ask me if there’s anything I can do about it.”


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