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Stolen Car Mysteriously Runs Out Of Fuel, Stranded Thieves Strip Naked

Residents were treated to an uncommon sight on Saturday, November 20, when two middle-aged men were arrested stealing a car and personal belongings in the Umoja district of Nairobi, Kenya.

According to an eyewitness, the suspects scaled a high surrounding wall and entered his neighbor’s compound.

He claimed that his attention was drawn to him when a truck driver approached their residence hooting, waking him up in the process.

“I couldn’t have predicted this in broadlight because auto theft has been rare in this area during my time here.” “I awoke to examine through the window why the truck driver gave such a long hoot,” he explained.

He also said he noticed two individuals outside his neighbor’s compound and had a feeling something wasn’t quite right because it was daytime and his neighbor was nowhere to be found.

“I didn’t recognize anyone in my neighbors’ compound.” He said, “I witnessed foreign faces moving households into my neighbor’s van.”

After their automobile ran out of gas at the crime location and started undressing, the couple was reportedly apprehended after successfully taking a TV, a fridge, two gas cookers, and kitchen supplies.


The suspects, known as Moses and Martin, are reported to have driven off with their hell breaking out oddly and them being unable to help themselves.

Another eyewitness from the crowd that flocked to catch a sight of the culprits stated they saw a frog inside the stolen car, which they assumed contained juju.

“We observed a frog inside the automobile that then magically vanished.” “We believe the frog was used in the heists to make the vehicles run out of gas after they were stolen,” he said.

Another eyewitness who identified herself as a prostitute astounded bystanders when she admitted to going on a drinking binge with one of the suspects around noon before retiring to bed with her client.

“I was with the blue-jacketed gentleman” (Martin). When we were partying at a local bar, I had no idea he was a thief, and I declined to join him on another binge when he was inviting me for more drinks,” Caro explained.

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