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School Feeding Program To End Following The Directive From Secretariat

The Ghana School Feeding Programme has instructed its caterers not to provide meals to students after December 10, 2021.

This directive follows the Ghana Education Service’s (GES) extension of the academic calendar of the 3rd term to December 17, instead of the previously communicated Friday, December 10, 2021 closing date.

Despite the GES extension, the GSFP has informed its caterers preparation and provision of meals to students would not go beyond December 10, implying that students would be without food during the extended week.

“We are hereby informing our caterers and collaborators at the district level that GSFP meals will end on Friday, 10th December, 2021″, said a statement from management of the programme.


The statement stressed that, ” No GSFP should continue to meal after this Friday 10th December, 2021″.

Management of the programme added that they would not be responsible for any meals provided by caterers to beneficiaries after their given deadline.

Also, management indicated that GSFP will pay catering services for 3rd term 2021 from “Monday September 6th to Friday, December 10th 2021”

While expressing their gratitude to caterers, the GSFP also assured its stakeholders that the Controller and Accountant General’s Department is mobilizing funds to pay for 2nd term as well as arrears soon.



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