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Rawlings’ ‘place of honour’ becomes ‘photo booth’ for some Ghanaians

It appears some persons were merely waiting for the lifting of the casket of the former President, Jerry John Rawlings, from the tent where he was laid in state, so they can have their field day, taking photos.

The casket of the late former President was laid on a decorated platform under a designated tent at the Black Star Square in Accra, where a state burial service was held for him.

After the service, where various tributes were read and wreaths laid, the casket was lifted, and escorted by members of the Ghana Armed Forces, to the Military Cemetery in Accra where he will be finally laid to rest.

Shortly after, in a rather fascinating turn of events, GhanaWeb’s lenses captured some members of the public taking turns to sit and stand around the decorated raised platform to take photos.


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