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Rawlings: Ewe man’s funeral ‘sadly’ dominated by Akan culture – Social media user lament

Gender activist and feminist Felicia Nelson has stated that the funeral of President Jerry John Rawlings should not have been dominated by Akan culture given that he was an Ewe.

She is insisting that it is the height of Akan Privilege for Akans to express surprise that Ewe people are offended that his funeral is being dominated by Akan funeral rituals.

Many persons of the Ewe ethnic group are dissatisfied that the late President, their kinsman’s funeral is dominated by Akan cultural rituals to the near-total neglect of Ewe culture. But some Akans have argued that Rawlings was a statesman and the dominance of Akan culture at his funeral should not raise eyebrows.

But Ms Nelson has hit back saying that his statesman status does not erase the fact that he was Ewe and his funeral ought to reflect that reality.

“The height of Akan privilege is being astonished that Ewe people are offended that a Ewe man’s funeral is dominated by Akan culture. Stop erasing other people’s cultures. Stop gaslighting them.

Being a statesman does not erase your personal ethnic identity. JJ was a Ewe man and his funeral should be a reflection of that. Ewe Culture is also Ghanaian Culture,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the final funeral rites of the late President will be held tomorrow to climax the today event despite being boycotted by Chiefs of Anlo who are displeased with government’s decision to solely conduct the final funeral rites.

The Anlo Traditional Council (ATC) says it is staying off the ongoing funeral ceremonies lined up for the late President Jerry John Rawlings because they were not invited.

The Council has however shared its intention to observe its own funeral ceremonies at a soon to be announced date.


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