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Policeman Allegedly Frees Suspect After Making Love With Her

Corporal Isaac Apomah, a police officer stationed at Nkanfoa in the Central Region’s Cape Coast Metropolis, is accused of having sex with a suspect in custody.

Theresah Forson, the suspect, had been in jail for days, according to Starr News sources.

On Saturday, September 25, 2021, when no one else was at work, the police officer is reported to have slept with her in her cell.

After the intercourse, Corporal Ampomah is said to have told the suspect to flee the cells to a location where she couldn’t be traced.

Following receipt of the information, the Station Officer was directed to mobilize men in the Cape Coast region in pursuit of the suspect.

She allegedly returned home, and the convict’s family, fearful of the law and wishing to avoid harboring a fugitive, is said to have returned her to the police station where they believed she should be.

Meanwhile, the cop in issue has been arrested and is being held in police custody pending the outcome of the inquiry into his alleged actions.


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