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People Say I Made A Mistake By Marrying A Cripple – Man Shares Pictures Of His Wife

To an extent, one falls in love with the heart more than anything else—in other words, you fall in love with someone’s soul. But I also heard someone say, once, that love enters and leaves through the eyes. I think what this meant is that for a lot of people, in order to open one’s heart to love in the first place, there must be a physical attraction. I may not be above that.

When we believe people love us it stands to reason that we believe they care about us.

Sadly, there are numerous ways that people who SAY they love us, SHOW us that they do not care about us.

One of the big assumptions of our times is that if love is real, it must by definition prove to be eternal. We invariably and naturally equate genuine relationships with life-long relationships. And therefore it seems almost impossible for us to interpret the ending of a union after only a limited period –

Do not presume that people will always be able to agree with you in life. Whatever you do, people still chat, object and even ridicule you.

You can’t live your own life without intervention from people and you don’t have the right to privacy. Somewhere, if you do anything which makes you happy somebody will definitely say bad about you.

When it comes to love, there is no cap, nobody, no matter if overweight, messy, short, ugly or incomplete, for all. Someone will surely see the good in you, love you and build a beautiful family.


A user of Odogwu Solomon Twitter has shared beautiful pictures of his wife Cynthia, clearly a Cripple who has just laid her in bed. It was said that people still tell him that he made a mistake by falling into Cripple’s inlove and marriage.


Even if she can’t walk, he loves her always very much. Since she born a baby boy, he’s very excited. Many people shared the tweet, commended him and, despite all, loved him for loving his wife.


He was a father and did not regret

marrying a lady who was paralyzed, Odogwu said specifically.


Odogwu told him that his wife was paralyzed

but she deserved no love or her own family.


He is very grateful that his wife delivered

as he became the father of a baby boy.



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