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Pastor Jailed 37-Years For Sleeping With Married Woman

Pastor who was caught in act with somebody’s wife, has been imprisoned for 37 years.

According to reports, a pastor nearly avoided death after being allegedly attacked cruelly by a guy for sleeping with his wife in the church.

According to eyewitnesses, a preacher from the God is Love ministry was brutally assaulted by his husband’s wife after she found him in the act with his wife in the church.

According to the spouse, he arrived home from work earlier than normal and saw his pastor having personal relations with his significant other in the church.


He said that the two were first unaware of his presence. He began photographing them and posting them to the church’s WhatsApp group.

According to House Medias, after designating the woman as a leader in the church choir, the man of God, who preaches at God is Love Ministry Church, took advantage of her.

While confirming the occurrence, the local chief officer stated that the culprit was apprehended and taken into custody by police, after which he was arraigned in court and sentenced to 37 years in prison by the judge.

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