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Only NDC Teachers Who Are Saying The Laptops Are Not Good – Hopeson Adorye [Video]

Teachers who oppose the delivery of laptops to teachers, according to NPP’s Hopeson Adorye, are members of the opposition National Democratic Congress.

If they don’t like the computers the Ghanaian government gave them to improve teaching and learning, he says they should return them to the government and stop the NDC’s campaign against the fantastic project.

Hopeson Adorye questioned whether they could get such laptops for GHc1,500 on the free market, adding that they should be grateful that the government is thinking about them and distributing laptops to guarantee that they are not left out of the digital transformation program.


“We must hold the teachers’ unions accountable in this problem.” If we’ve done this, you’re a teacher who also happens to be a member of the NDC, so you’ll keep causing problems; that’s your problem. If you say that what the government has done for you isn’t good enough and that you’d rather work for the NDC and that the computers we supplied aren’t good enough, that’s your problem.

If you’re an NDC instructor and you think the computers you were given aren’t the greatest and you don’t like them, return them to where you got them and start writing down your class notes in books to discover which one is the best. Which laptop can you acquire for GHc1,500 on the open market? What are the prices of even toys on the open market?”

Watch The Video Below:

Source: AfricaWish.com

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