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NPP Used Covid-19 As A Smokescreen To Buy 2020 Election – Felix Ofosu Kwakye

Felix Ofosu Kwakye, the former Deputy Minister of Communication, has accused the NPP of exploiting the covid-19 outbreak as a smokescreen to buy the 2020 election through reckless and irresponsible spending.

Speaking On Pan Africa Television’s Morning Show, Felix Ofosu Kwakye stated that the government is introducing the E-Levy and other taxes to generate revenue in order to fill the huge economic hole created by their reckless and irresponsible expenditures during the 2020 election.


According to Felix Ofosu Kwakye, the economy would not be in this situation if the NPP government had focused on safeguarding Ghanaians from contracting COVID-19 during the initial outbreak and provided social support to the vulnerable.

In the run-up to the 2020 election, Felix Ofosu Kwakye stated that they saw covid-19 as a chance, a smokescreen behind which they could hide and ultimately buy the election.

So, they went overboard and spent scare resources in a way that was utterly reckless and irresponsible, with the goal of creating a feel-good element so that people would vote for them even though they knew it was not sustainable and would have a disastrous impact on our economy.

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