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Never We Will Make Same Decision Come 2024 – Ghanaians React As Today Marks 1 Year They Voted For NPP

Most inhabitants of the country, particularly the youth, appear to have regretted their decision taken on December 7, 2020.

Since the president’s inauguration, a lot has happened, and Ghanaians have expressed their opinions on the decision they made a year ago.

It’s been 365 days since Ghanaians made this decision, and it appears that many have regretted their decision, while others claim they made the right one.

Ghanaians have been posting comments on social media regarding their vote a year ago, with some claiming that endorsing the ruling party to continue is one of the worst decisions they have ever made, and that it will never be repeated. Others have stated that they have never regretted voting for the ruling party because they have witnessed significant progress under its leadership.

Some people have not expressed regret because they made the correct judgment, which was afterwards overturned by the Supreme Court and the government. Some argue that they had no choice but to mandate the president because opposing him was not an option. Read some of the comments below.

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