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Never trust a girl you took from someone – Guy

When you snatch a lady from another guy, never trust her  ever again, that is according to a guy.

A tweep has suddenly become a relationship expert and disclosed that no guy should trust a lady they snatched from another guy.

He didn’t state the reason for his opinion. However, common sense will tell us that if you were able to snatch someone’s girlfriend, know that someone can also snatch her from you in future. So why trust her?

However, it’s good to note also that it’s not all ladies that would follow a different guy just because they left some other man to choose you.

May be the person from whom you snatched her was not treating her right and that’s why she called a quit with him for you and not because she’s cheap or an easy to get woman.


He tweeted:

“Never trust a girl you took from someone … periodtttttt.”

See the screenshot below:

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