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NDC MP shares photo of herself having breakfast with her husband as NPP MPs doze off in parliament over majority seats

NDC MP for Kpando, Hon Della Sowah has shared a photo on Facebook that sees er having breakfast with her husband as NPP MPs struggle in parliament to occupy majority seats.

According to our previous report, the NPP MPs arrived in parliament as early as 4AM and 5AM so that they can occupy the majority seats before the NDC MPs report to the legislative house.

Well, Della Sowah has taken to social media to tease the NPP MPs saying parliament business for the day starts at 10AM and not 4AM.

She wrote: “There’s no point in fighting when the real battle was long gone. I’m home preparing for work. Parliament resumes at 10am not 4am. Do have a great day.”


As if that isn’t enough, she again mocked the NPP Mps in another post.

He wrote again: “Still at home preparing for the day. Superior tactics at play. It’s interesting when the opponent mispredicts your strategy. We are not fighting today ooo. We already won. We have a Speaker who is good for our democracy.

No rush to be in Parliament this morning. Sit where you like. Seats don’t determine your outcome. You all have a great day”

The parliament house has now become a centre of fun and entertainment.

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