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My Dog Is Even More Handsome Than Patapaa – Sunsum Ahuofe [Video]

The concept of ‘beef’ is one of the things which keeps the showbiz industry entertaining during its dullest moments.

Kumawood actor, Sunsum Ahuofe, has revamped his beef with Patapaa Amisty over looks and this time around he went to the extreme.

According to scornful Sunsum Ahuofe, even his puppy is more handsome than Patapaa.


The actor made these degrading remarks during a hangout with a few friends after he was quizzed if he’s the owner of the dog he had brought along.

We all know that Patapaa was not blessed with handsomeness but comparing his looks to that of a dog is very disrespectful and a bit over board.

Seemingly, unforgiving Patapaa Amisty with a pepper mouth will reply to Sunsum Ahuofe’s ridicule very soon.

Watch the video below

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