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Missing Woman Found In Search Of Her Family [Photos]

A woman in her 40s is looking for her relatives and people of Danga family from Adina, in the Keta South District.

Her hometown is (Keta Adina), and her nicknames were Mama and Mary Lucy, according to her.

She told AfricaWish media that she left when she was young, and she remembers Keta-Adina Chief [ Tobgbi Akporku ] and some of her family members named ( Danga Amma ) and ( Danga Adzo ).

She’s begging with anyone who knows the Danga family or Togbi Akporku, the Keta South district’s chief of Adina, to help spread the word for her to go back to her hometown in Keta Adina.


If you know anyone from the Danga family, please call us on 0244845863


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