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Minority Demands Immediate Laying Off E-Levy Before Parliament

The Minority is demanding that the financial recommendations in the 2022 Budget, including the e-levy, be presented to the House for quick consideration.

Deputy Minority Chief Whip Ibrahim Ahmed said on the House floor that tax bills, including the e-levy bill, must be placed before the House for proper consideration to avoid hurried acceptance.

“Mr. Speaker, the House is scheduled to rise on December 17, but we are discussing estimates, which are related to financial bills. Mr. Speaker, the financial bills, including the Electronic Transaction bill, were noticeably absent from the business statement from Tuesday through Friday.


I’d want to know when the Electronic Transactions bill, which includes the e-levy, as well as other financial bills, will be given to this House for our consideration. We don’t want to wait until Friday, when those items will be delivered and passed under a certificate of urgency,” he explained.

In the meantime, Deputy Majority Leader Alexander Afenyo-Markin announced that the leadership has decided to postpone the rising date from December 17 to December 21.

The Minority, on the other hand, opposes extending the House’s activity beyond December 17 this year.

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