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Married Man Cries For Help After Impregnating Side Chick House Girl

A man, who chooses to remain anonymous, has cried out for help in solving his dilemma after entangling himself with his side chick’s house help.

The man, who presented his issue on Joy News’ Drive Chat, disclosed that he has impregnated the house help of his mistress he had been secretly dating.

Despite being in a marriage of 15 years which has produced four children, he had to cool off his libido with his mistress, a best friend of his wife for that matter.

He revealed that the said best friend was his wife’s maid of honour on their wedding day.

At that same time, he was also warming the bed of his side chick’s house help, and their secret relationship is now in the open with a baby on the way.

After getting wind of the pregnancy news, the side chick has threatened to blow their cover, irrespective of her guilt and betrayal towards her friend.

The anonymous man is wallowing in confusion as to how to tell his wife himself before the mistress releases the information of their five-year affair.


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