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Man who spent all his sales in making girlfriend look good gets 18 months jail term

A tricycle rider, Samuel Kwaku Sakyi was jailed after he could not pay a fine of GHC 1,800.

Telling his story to Crime Check Foundation, Samuel Kwaku Sakyi indicated that he was given a tricycle to work and pay.

However, there was no set amount for him to follow suit in guage as to whether he has been able to repay all the money.

Although he started with an amount of GHC 100 sales, his sales reduced as time went on; something Samuel Blames on his girlfriend called Ama who he was giving money to look good so she does not leave him.

Samuel indicated that while giving Ama a chunk of the money he made, he did not save a penny to buy cloths or even for a sunny day.

Samuel indicated that after one year and two months of working for his boss, he thought he had paid for the money used in buying the tricycle and decided to run away with the tricycle.

But luck eluded him as he was arrested, arraigned and fine to pay to GHC 1,800 which he could not afford so he had to spend 18 months in Jail.

However, luck has found Samuel Kwaku Sakyi whose fine has been paid by philanthropist, Ali Ibrahim.


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