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Man Who Approaches You Without Having Money Will Never Give You True Love – Pastor Advice Ladies [Video]

A video going viral depicts a Man of God giving ladies advise on how to deal with a man who does not have enough money or work when looking for a relationship.

According to the Man Of God, such men are concerned about love issues, and because they don’t have any work to do, they sit down to say beautiful things to females they meet rather than working and earning money in the future.


Reading the counsel at a church service stated; meeting Any man who does not work and does not have money acting to love you in the future will not give you true love. They are the ones that are concerned about the words that come out of their mouth yet have nothing to offer.

You may also believe you have found a god man, but instead of allowing yourself to be used, advise him to work and obtain one of the automobiles that big men drive, and study his life.

Watch The Video Below:

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