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Man heartbroken after finding out his fiancee does not have womb after 9 abortion with her Ex-Boyfriend

Man leaks his fiancee’s chat with her mother who advised her to keep secret from him after she did 9 abortions for her ex-boyfriend that left her womb less

A man who’s getting set to tie the knot with his girlfriend this Saturday, was left heartbroken after finding out that his fiancee doesn’t have a womb.

Apparently, he was with his wife’s phone when her mother sent her messages on WhatsApp, warning her not to tell him that she doesn’t have a womb till her wedding is over.

It was also disclosed that his fiancee carried out 9 abortions for her ex boyfriend who later dumped her after leaving her womb less.


On seeing this, the heartbroken man informed his fiancee’s mother that he’s with his wife’s phone, and he has seen the messages.

See chat below;

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