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Man breaks up with his girlfriend of 7 years after she posted on social media that she’s single

A relationship of 7 years have hit the rock over a silly mistake made by the lady on social media.

Apparently, there was a post on Twitter that single ladies should drop their pics.

See below:

image 2021 01 26 095723

A pretty lady @Muhle_Tumie replied the tweet with her image professing that she’s single.


A few minutes after her tweet, her boyfriend saw it and was shocked that why can she be in a relationship with him, yet, she’ll be saying on Twitter that she’s single.

@Men_Mzansi who got pissed by his girlfriend’s action told her to come and pack all her stuff in his house and also return his car.

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“Tumi, when you are done playing single on Twitter, please come take all your shit from my house and bring my car back.. I can’t believe 7 years of our relationship and you are out here telling people you are single.. Mxm.. ” he wrote.


A lot of Twitter users came to the defense of the lady saying that 7 years of dating is too much.

Some stated that once she’s not married, she’s still single.

See some comments below:

image 2021 01 26 100855

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