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Man Arrested Over Relationship Fraud After Having 35 Birthdays With 35 Different Girlfriend

Takashi Miyagawa, a 39-year man was arrested in Japan for dating 35 different women at the same time in order to receive false birthday gifts from each of them.

After appearing to be serious about relationships with the 35 women, the Japanese part-time worker was arrested and charged with deceiving them.

To obtain gifts and cards, Miyagawa is claimed to have told each of the ladies he was dating that his birthday was on a different day.

Despite the fact that his actual birthday is November 14, the Japanese man informed his 47-year-old partner that it was February 22.

He mentioned his birthday was in July to another 40-year-old woman. Another woman was informed that he had an April birthday.

Miyagawa had defrauded 35 women before his arrest, with the chance of more victims coming forward with their stories.


Miyagawa is accused of defrauding the naive women out of £665 in birthday gifts, which included clothing and cash.

The suspect met his victims while working for a marketing firm that sold hydrogen water showerheads and other products, according to reports.

According to preliminary research, Miyagawa sought single women and began each connection by implying that he would marry them.

The women allegedly formed an association after learning they had been duped and denounced Miyagawa to the police in February, resulting in his detention.

The 39-year-old is scheduled to go to trial, but the investigation is still ongoing in the hopes of uncovering other victims of his romance fraud.


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