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Landlady Demands Licking Of Her Private Part From Her Tenant As Way Of Paying Rent

Residents of Kibra were treated to strange cinema after a landlady was caught pants down with her tenant.

The incident followers continued suspicion as Anita had that her husband Benedict was drooling over the single mother of two.

According to Anita the Tenant wife, she had earlier caught her husband Benedict in a similar situation but he pleaded for forgiveness and vowed never to cheat again.

Although Benedict showed some little signs of behavior improvement, Anita never imagined the next person on his hit list would be their ferocious Landlady.

She once confronted her hubby over the illicit affair but he reassured her that his habits were in check as earlier promised.

In his confession after getting nabbed, Benedict revealed that he would sneak into the landlady’s house at night where they would become partners in mischief.

This usually happened when Anita the tenant wife who works as a nurse was away for night duty.

The duo was, however, not alive to the old adage that walls have ears and the night visits were discovered by curious neighbors.

“When I was told my hubby was involved with our landlady, I thought it was a joke. I started suspecting something was wrong when they kept insisting my hubby visited the landlady’s house late in the night whenever I was out on call of duty,” the medic intimated.

In a move to ensure allegations leveled against Benedict were valid, Anita decided to contact herbalist for intervention.


After a lengthy interrogation that was interluded with low toned chanting at her workplace, the herbalist confirmed that Anita’s husband was involved in what seemed to be incurable cheating.

The herbalist gave Ann blue liquid sourced from a sacred shrine and was instructed to mix it with Benedict’s bathing water.

The day of reckoning for Benedict and the landlady came knocking faster than expected.

Residents who were trying to catch some sleep after a tiring day at work were rudely woken up by the commotion and in their numbers, thronged the compound to have a glimpse of the development.

Anita was tipped of the incident and had to seek permission from her supervisor whom she told she had to attend to an emergency at home.

While at the ‘crime scene’, the nurse disclosed that she had sought a native doctor’s help to discipline Benedict following numbing allegations of cheating.

She called the herbalist who then helped in freeing the pair from the excruciating pain that caused them to weep uncontrollably.

Benedict claimed the relationship was a means he used to pay for rent arrears.

The medicine woman has since counseled the two and their marriage is on course to blossom again but was after migrating away from the thirsty landlady.


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