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Kidnappers Took Her Twins Away After Delivery – Reports About The Pregnant Woman

Who would want to invest in a country where his/her dependents cannot freely move about without fear of been kidnapped or killed? The heard and recorded cases must not be overwhelming to control before we sit-up as a nation. The state(Ghana), Citizens, Opinion Leaders, etc must come together to fight extra against this evil in disguise.

Not to say this is new to us as people but the recent increment is something each and everyone must be worried about because these culprits operate without political flags and colors, tribal or religious identifications, this is a collective fight to win over the EVIL IN DISGUISE.

The kidnapers have returned the 28 years old pregnant lady and she is currently receiving treatment at the hospital. She was taken to Nzema for rituals but she was saved because she is pregnant with twins and she  is also a twin.


Per her brother-in-law’s narration, she was powerless and incapable to communicate when she was found. Furthermore, the expectant Mother did not exhibit indications of her pregnancy.

Emmanuel Arkoh added, she recollects what transpired in writing, Josephine indicated that she gave birth on the day she went missing and said confirmed also being kidnapped.
She’s is currently receiving treatment at Axim government hospital.

Speculations among some Ghanaians has it that her kidnappers gave her some unknown medication to deliver and afterwards took her twin children and dumped her on the streets of Axim.

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