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Kennedy Agyapong Is Sick, He Is Too Weak And Can’t Stand Up To Cross-Examination In Court

Due to the legislature’s health, Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ defamation case against the Member of Parliament for Assin Central has been postponed.

Due to Mr Agyapong’s health, the proceedings on December 16, 2021 were shortened. Mr Agyapong was reminded of his previous oath, and the lawmaker asked the court if he might have a microphone since he had a voice problem.

In the lack of an additional microphone, the MP was allowed to remove his mask in order to be heard.
After the first two questions, Anas’ lawyers asked the court for permission to meet with Kennedy Agyapong’s lawyer.

Despite the fact that the two lawyers were speaking in hushed tones, Ken Agyapong answered, “simply go ahead and start your cross-examination.”
However, as the cross-examination resumed, it was clear that Mr Agyapong wasn’t feeling well, as seen by his facial expression and seating posture.

As Mr Agyapong’s sitting posture and demeanor in court continued to show signs of anguish, Anas’ lawyers informed the judge that they would want to make a remark to the court.
Anas’ lawyers then informed the court that since the commencement of the day’s proceedings, they had noticed that Mr Agyapong appeared to be in discomfort.


Mr Agyapong, they say, makes agonizing movements from his seat. Anas’ counsel informed the court that if Mr Agyapong was ill, the case should be deferred based on his demeanor and state. Mr. Agyapong also kept going to the washroom every few minutes until the case was called for hearing.

After hearing the lawyers for Anas’ observations, the learned judge asked both lawyers to approach the bench.

Mr Agyapong’s brother, who is also his lawyer, was overheard asking Mr Agyapong whether he (the lawyer) should consent to the impending adjournment after forecasting what the court might want to address with both lawyers.

Mr Agyapong was heard saying “adjourn adjourn adjourn” in a sorrowful and agonizing tone.
When the astute judge, His Lordship Eric Baah, JA, declared in court that the proceedings of the day had been deferred on health concerns after speaking with both lawyers for a bit.

When asked when the case will be heard again, Ken’s lawyer replied, “My Lord, I can’t tell!”
Mr Agyapong was unable to give the court an indication of when he would return after his medical treatment. The case was postponed until January 13, 2022, when a new witness will be called.


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