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John Mahama Shall Finish His Unfinished Business- Efo Worlanyo

The National Democratic Congress party members has the believe that their leader former president, John Dramani Mahama is going to finish his unfinished business for Ghana.

People don’t know why they are saying that and why they should believe mahama has a mandate to accomplished while he had lost 2020 election last year, although he is challenging the outcome of the election in the Apex court.

Some are of the view that maybe they might get some good news from the supreme court case as they told Ghanaians that NDC have a strong case but their opponent, NPP have doubt them and challenged them to provide strong evidence.  

Recently, John Mahama and his lawyers were able to succeed in court argument between them and NPP lawyer’s who couldn’t win what they wanted the supreme court to do for them, after objecting Mahama’s third witness statement.

NDC’s Efo Worlanyo Tsegbo has revealed that Former president, John Dramani Mahama shall finished his Unfinished business no matter what stops him in the country.


If Ghanaians could remember, Efo Worlanyo Tsegbo in June to July 2020 said if the Electoral Commission of Ghana is able to finished the registration exercise, they should ” castrate” him which was funny to every Ghanaian.

Although before the election of Speaker of parliament, he disclosed ahead that Hon RT. Alban Bagbin will be the winner and it come to pass.

Whether he is predicting the outcome of the supreme court case or he is talking about 2024 elections, no one know yet because he couldn’t add any specific explanation to his post monitored on facebook today.

He said “President John Dramani Mahama.

He has a clear four year mandate left for him as President to finish his unfinished business and he will surely finish it no matter how or when. Just Watch Out”.

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