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Joe Biden appoints Pete Buttigieg to become America’s first ever gay cabinet minister

President of the United States Joe Biden has made history by appointing the first ever openly gay person, Pete Buttigieg to Cabinet Secretary in United States history.

In a historic moment for the United States, Pete Buttigieg opened up about his confirmation hearing as secretary of Transportation for the United States Thursday morning by laying out his vision for the department — and thanking his husband, Chasten Buttigieg for the support.

If confirmed, Pete Buttigieg becomes the first out member of the gay committee to get a Senate confirmation for a Cabinet position in US history.

During Donald Trump’s administration, Richard Grenell, who is gay, served briefly as acting director of national intelligence, a Cabinet-level post, but because he held the position on an interim basis, he did not require Senate confirmation for it.


The nominee introduced his husband, who sat behind him, masked, in the hearing before the Senate Commerce Committee, saying, “I’m really proud to have him by my side. I also want to take this chance to thank him for his many sacrifices and his support in making it possible for me to pursue public service.”

Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Ind., who sought the Democratic presidential nomination last year, also thanked President Joe Biden for nominating him to the lead the Department of Transportation and noted what he’d like to accomplish at the department. At 39, he’d be the youngest secretary of Transportation ever as well as the first millenial Cabinet member.

Pete Buttigieg has been hailed as an intelligent achiever with his record in public service. During the Democratic Primary, he caused an upset as the world watched by the fast-rise of his candidature to the front eventually dropping out to give his key support to Biden.

He thought himself several world languages including Norwegian and is very fluent.

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