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I’m In Love With My Pastor And Have No Feelings For My Husband – Married Woman

An unnamed Ghanaian married woman who wrote down his romance narrative and turned it into a relationship center.

She claims she no longer has feelings for her husband, but she is head over heals in love with her pastor, who also happens to be her teacher.

Telling Her Feelings Reads “I made feelings for my boss. She had been a widow for almost two years. Rastor says he is not in love with his bosses but still wants to hug me after a peace session. I told her that I wanted my husband to separate, but she didn’t think it was a good idea.

“I told the pastor about my feelings for him, and he said that he always felt the same way about me, which is why he talked to me about divorce. I met him at home one day, and he never stopped looking at me. He played with me, watched a movie with me, prayed with me, and, similarly, kissed me. I kissed the baсk, vigorously, and almost finished.


We were texting and sinning that day, and it was not just about learning about erasing but about our feelings for each other. My husband is better, and he has always been kind and loving to me immediately.




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