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I was born with sight, speech and hearing impairments – Muntaka Mubarak

The MP for Asawase, Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka, has opened up about his difficult childhood, narrating how he came into this world with sight, speech and hearing impairments.

He revealed how this came to be after his mother, the third of seven wives of his father, had struggled for close to seven years after marriage to take seed.

He added that this was a particularly huge pressure on his mother’s shoulders because his father’s first wife already had nine children.

“My mother runs around the house for seven years without giving birth. Almost all the family said you see I have other children, this my sister should we divorce her so that she would go and marry somewhere?” he narrated.

Beyond this pressure that was mounting on his mother, he said she was lucky to have his grandfather reassure everyone that when the time is opportune, she will give birth.


“My grandfather said no! I am telling you the time will come and the time came. They gave birth to me…I had sight problem, I could not speak till I was four”, he recounted on Upside Down on Citi TV.

Muntaka added that after he was born, the family had even more reasons to wonder about the kind of child he was when he could not see well and talk when he should have.

He said further that they actually had doubts about him surviving all those childhood challenges.

“So sometimes when people are at my neck… they will remove me, I say they don’t know the circumstances of my birth if they know the circumstances of my birth you will not be saying what you are saying. We are grateful to God. The old man (Father) is dead. He died 23 years ago,” he said.

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