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I need Someone I can Call My Love – 42-Year-Old Single Woman Cries [Photos]

Jessica Kabutey, a 42-year-old woman, appears to be lonely, as she resorted to Facebook in quest of love.

It’s nice to believe that love comes always as a magical thing, a proverbial bolt of lightning across a crowded room. It’s comforting to imagine that this most human of emotions has been with us forever, ageless and unchanging.

Jessica has no choice but to try her luck on social media. Many referred to her as a sugar mummy, but it didn’t stop her from continuing her hunt.

we human beings have been falling in love since time began. Yes, we probably feel the same rush of excitement and desire that drove our ancestors to distraction, too.

In Jessica’s Post, She Wrote.. ” I need a date”

Below Are Some Reactions And Her Photos:






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