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I have repented and will be going dark soon because my father Mahama has called me-Bukom Banku

Braima Kamoko popularly called bukom banku was recently seen on social media with a very fair colour which ultimately suggested he has started bleaching.

He did same thing sometime back but according to him, advice from some prominent Ghanaians made him to stop.

He gained his natural colour and and even Landed a job at GH one television. Unfortunately he has started bleaching again which has even caused him his job at GH one television.

His excuse for bleaching for the second time was to gain attention from ladies.


Fortunately, Banku is sighted online claiming to go back to his dark colour soon because his father the former president John Dramani Mahama has advised him to stop the bleaching.

Seriously speaking, people closer to Banku should seriously advice him to put an end to this bleaching he usually does occasionally.

This is simply because as widely known,it is very harmful to the skin as the chemicals in the creams peels off the protective part of the skin and render it defenseless.

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