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I Feel Cheated In Sharing Of My Late Father’s Properties – Lady Drags Her Mother To Court

Christian Asante, a 21-year-old from Woaadedwuma Kaase, believes her stepmother tricked her in the division of her late father’s possessions since she believes her biological mother received most of his properties.

According to Christiana on Obaa Sima’s “M’asusu Saa” program, her late father, Mr Douglas Asante, remarried her step mother, Mary, when he was 9 years old, and they had two children, but her step mother divorced him 11 years ago, along with her father’s marriage life.

Christian revealed that one day while in SHS 2, she received a call that her father was ill; she rushed back home, but he died a few days later; however, before he died, he told her that he had GHC7,000 on his MOMO, which she should cash out to pay her school fees, which she did after his death, resulting in her being in a lot of trouble and receiving hatred from some of her aunties.


Fast forward to one day when she received a call from a legal age relative about her father’s property portion, which she believes was not distributed fairly because most people were forgotten.

As a result, she enlists the services of Obaa Sima and the team to ensure that the properties are distributed properly.

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I Feel Cheated In The Sharing Of My Late Father's Properties

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