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I Can’t And Will Never Worship God In My Life – Ghanaian Actress, Adwoa Bene

Ghanaian actress, Adwoa Bene said something unexpected in an interview on Kessben TV that has gotten a lot of people talking and wondering why she would say such a thing.

In an interview on Kessben for a show called Music Plus, which is presented by an MC known as Mr. Bones. The host realized that the actress does not believe in God, so he questioned her if he was correct in his assumption. So he said to her, “It appears that you don’t worship God.”


“I can never worship God today and never in my life,” the actress responded. “It is God who needs to worship me, which is why he gives me free life and wakes me up daily when I go to sleep, and going to church daily is just a waste of time, and church is just a business for the pastors to make money.”

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