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Headmaster Arrested While Making Love With A 15-Year-Old Student In His Office [Video]

A Ghanaian Headmaster of an unknown Junior High School has been caught red-handed sleeping with one of his female students in his office.

The alarm was raised by one eyewitness who invited the police and community members to the scene where the headmaster was reportedly having his way with the young female student. Initially, they had locked him up with the girl after they were allegedly caught.

The video available to us gives a rather unfortunate account of a disgraced Headmaster who did not know where to hide his face. The mob were heard calling for his immediate prosecution as the police whisked him away.

The young girl had to hide her face as she made her way out of the headmaster’s office after the locked gate was opened by the eyewitness in the company of the police


Information on the identity, school and the location of the incident is sketchy. We’ll update you subsequently when we have them.

Watch The Video Below:

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