How To Set Follow Button On Personal Facebook Profile To Have Unlimited Followers [Video]

Do you want to change Add Friend button to Follow button on your Facebook profile? Then you’re at the right place. In this Facebook tutorial, you’ll learn how to add follow button on your Facebook profile.

Meanwhile, the “Follow” option is usually deactivated when a new Facebook profile is established. This means that you can only receive friend requests or personal messages in your inbox from other Facebook members.

No one can follow you because of the default settings, thus no one will be able to see your public postings as News-Feed in their timeline. You may, however, change the Facebook “Add Friend” button to the “Follow” one.


If you already have a lot of Facebook friends who are more like prospective clients and you haven’t made a Page, you can still add a follow button so that your new friends who aren’t on your friend list.

Watch The Steps In The Video Below:

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