How to buy or sell gift cards in Ghana

If you want to buy or sell gift cards in Ghana at the best rate possible and get paid within a few minutes into your mobile money, this article will show you how.

Buying and Selling your gift cards in Ghana is no longer a hassle like it used to be. You can now sell any gift card for momo easily. All you need to do is to find the best gift card exchanger rate and instant buyer. This is where Nosh comes in.

About NOSH?

Nosh is an application that offers easy and quick gift card-based transactions for anyone and everyone. Nosh is equipped with modern and seamless means of transaction, which makes it offer the easiest and most convenient way for you to redeem gift cards in Ghana, be it on the web or mobile.

To begin, you can download the NOSH app for android or for iPhone.

How Much Does a Gift Card Cost In Ghana?

It generally depends on the type of gift card. You can purchase a gift card of $25 for $25. If you want more, you can also get it at the same rate. This implies that the amount you will get the card is the same as the worth of the card, the conversion rate to local currency can be different though.

However, some vendors may add a small fee (such as $2) when you are buying a gift card of $25. This means you will pay a total of $27 when buying a gift card worth $25.

How to buy or sell gift cards in Ghana

How Much Can You Sell Gift Card In Ghana?

Also, this depends on the type of gift card in question. Different gift cards have different rates, which is dependant on a lot of factors including popularity, market expectation, and how generally useful the gift card in question is.

For instance, Google play gift card, which is used to make purchases on the google plaay store is quite popular. At the moment, you can get between 500 to 700 cedis for a $100 google play gift card.

How To Sell Your Gift Card For Cedis Mobile Money

It is easy to buy or sell gift card in Ghana at the best rates possible. With Nosh, you won’t only be dealing with a reliable platform, you will also receive your payment within 5 minutes in your mobile money wallet. This is a great option to opt for if you don’t want to redeem your gift card yourself.


When selling a gift card in Ghana, one of the most important factors that you need to consider is getting the best possible rate. Since the price you sell it for will determine the profit you will make, it is advisable to go with the best rates that are available.

Nosh offers a secure and reliable platform for buying and selling gift cards. With this, it’s so easy to sell your gift cards and get paid in Cedis instantly. Your cash will be transferred to your mobile money account once the gift card has been verified within 5 minutes. And it’s as easy as that.




NOSH customer support is always available 24/7 using the in-app live chat. However, you can call NOSH at +2348125349466 or send a mail to [email protected]


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