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Help Build God’s Cathedral And Tap Into Blessings – Joyce Aryee to Ghanaians

Executive Director of Salt and Light Ministries, Reverend Joyce Rosalind Aryee, has stated that the the self- centred nature of human beings is inimical to growth and development.

According to her, human beings are by nature self-seeking and are thus interested in satisfying their needs first.

This, she believes is an impediment towards our self-growth and overall development as a people.

Dr. Joyce Aryee was speaking on the funding of National Cathedral on Angel FM’s Anopa Bofo morning show on Friday morning.

“Without the spirit of God, humankind can’t live an upright life. Humans are naturally self-serving”.

The evangelist added that without the grace of God, man cannot live a moral life.


She emphasized that humanity needs the spirit of God to live within them so that they can grow and be guided towards the right path.

“If God lives in us, it will be possible to forgive people who wrong us or shun us. We need God’s spirit to live in us so that we can coexist peacefully among ourselves”.

She stressed that since God created human beings in his own image, individuals should not allow arrogance to rule the heart, else emulating God’s kindheartedness would be far fetched.

Regarding the Cathedral project, she observed that some Ghanaians have misinterpreted the idea behind the initiative while others too are completely against it.

Rev. Joyce Aryee added that President Akufo-Addo wants Ghanaians to tap into God’s blessings hence urged all and sundry to support, because there is more blessing in giving than to receiving.

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