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Hackers Developed A Software, Withdrawing Money From MoMo Users Posing As Fido SMS Loan

Information reaching us has it that, some hackers have developed a software that allows them getting access to MoMo customers who accept to get a loan from alleged Fido SMS After using their system acting as Fido Micro Credit.

According to the investigation, the hackers used their system to send SMS to random Mobile Money subscribers under the name Fido, informing them that they had qualified for a loan.

During the process, their system will generate a number that includes an SMS, and any MoMo user who tries to request for a loan will be defrauded if they have money in their Mobile Money account.

One of the victims who spoke to AfricaWish said had the SMS sent to him in Fido’s name and when applying for the Fido loan, he was required to transmit his ID and other details to the number obtained by their system.

He then sent them everything since he needed money to top up his existing mobile money account, and since he had taken a Fido loan and the SMS had arrived on his phone as Fido, he had no choice but to swiftly provide them all of his ID information.

During the procedure, they instructed him to accept a pop-up message on his phone to accept the loan terms; he then saw a Yes/No notification and selected Yes.


They now tell him to wait for the loan to arrive in his MoMo account in the following 15 minutes.

According to the victim, he already had GH¢1,327 in his account, but after a few minutes, he received a message indicating that he had made a payment to them instead; he instantly checked his account and discovered that all of the money was vanished.

“I was shocked and had no hope, so I looked up Fido on Facebook and dialed their number,” the victim explained. “They told me I was number 21 who was reporting the same case, but they had no idea what and how the hackers were using their system as Fido Micro Credit’…. all my money was gone after their system appeared as Express-Pay instead of Fido.”

Below Is The Hackers Fake Facebook Page And Fido’s Real Page:

Fido’s Responds To Their Clients

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