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God No Go Shame Us – Lesbians Says As They Make Love In Front Of Others [Video]

A video going viral on social media captured by AfricaWish shows the moment two Lesbians were seen making love in front of their colleagues.

Just as heterosexual orientation produces a great variety of behaviors, so, too, lesbianism presents no unified face. Some lesbians hide or deny their orientation, marrying in order to be accepted by their families and communities.

Others—often in the relative anonymity of an urban setting—prefer to live openly as lesbians, sometimes bearing and rearing children.


Many of the issues faced by lesbians were not radically different from those that concerned either heterosexual women or many gay men.

In the video seen, both were holding each other in a position as they say in a romantic voice…. ”God No Go Shame Us”

Watch The Video Below:

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