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Go And Reverse The Curses Else Akufo Addo’s Government Will Continue To Struggle – Prophet Tells NPP

The founder of Bread of Life Ministries, Prophet Joshua Adjei has argued that the economic hardship and agitations in the country are a result of the curses some people invoked against leaders of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) during the 2020 election.

 In what he explained to be the manifestations from the curses, Prophet Joshua Adjei stressed that until something is done to reverse them, the Akufo Addo government will continue to struggle.

He added that the government has been ‘stubborn’ in admitting the counsel from the prophets hence the worsening economic situation in the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Prophet indicated that the solutions to these problems are in plain sight of the government but for their ‘arrogance’ they are blinded to it.

Prophet Joshua Adjei mentioned that the curses are taking a debilitating effect on the government and the lives of the people because God has allowed it to manifest. He added that until the needful is done as prophesied unto the government, there is no redemption.

“You were cursing your leaders in rivers, on land, everywhere during the election. Now, these curses have been washed and have taken effect. God has respect for demons and allows them to operate. The government is struggling because these curses are working.”


He disclosed that the NPP government is ungrateful and worse of it had severed ties with prominent men of God who interceded for them during opposition. He said that all these events had contributed to the problem.

“This government is ungrateful. When they were coming into power they held the churches and prophets in high esteem but now they have turned their backs at us,” said the Prophet.

Prophet Joshua Adjei urged those within the immediate circles of the President to desist from misleading him about the reality but dire situation Ghanaians are experiencing lately. He indicated that it would be in the interest of the government and the NPP party to be honest about the economic situation lest the people would turn their backs against them.

“Stop misleading the President. Those praises and false hope don’t build nations. Things are very difficult,” he intimated.

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