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Female Teacher In Court After Tricking A Male Student To Satisfy Her

A female teacher at ADC Secondary School, Loise Martha Musyoka  was charged at Madaraka law courts and pled not guilty to the acts against her.

According to police records, the female instructor committed the deed against the youngster, who told his mother everything that happened in the female teacher’s home. According to the court, on the 16th of October, instructor Martha deliberately committed the conduct against the 15-year-old boy inside her home in the Njiru sub-county.

It’s also claimed that on that fatal day, the female teacher broke the law by touching the minor’s privates. The two first met on October 5th, when the teacher invited the youngster to come over to her house and assist her with a wallpaper repair. The kid was unable to visit her because he was not at home, but he promised to return at a later date.


As promised, the lad arrived at his teacher’s house with a group of seven other pupils from their school to repair the wallpaper. Days later, the boy and his friend visited their instructor’s house, where they felt compelled to use the house’s WiFi, prompting the boy to inquire of his teacher, who was in her bedroom.

The teacher then turned everything around and began exchanging saliva with the youngster, removing his clothing and forcing him to pleasure her in bed. Throughout this time, an observer observed how the female teacher enticed male students into her home. He was forced to file an official complaint in this case, which resulted in the teacher’s arrest.

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