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Everyone In Ghana Deserves An Award For Surviving – UK Based Ghanaian Woman [Video]

A young Ghanaian woman who is known by the name Talk2Ohemaa currently lives in the United Kingdom.

She recently made a video in which she explained that the circumstances Ghanaians face back home are so hard that each citizen deserves an award by the time they survive a whole year.


According to Ohemaa, life abroad is made to cushion people in times of need but back in Ghana, nothing can be done unless people are able to make the money in cash.

“In Ghana, if you don’t have money, you cannot rent but out here, you can be in a difficult position and the government will give you allowance that is big enough to get you a rent. We live on credit but Ghanaians live on debit. They are true heroes and I respect everyone living in Ghana,” she said.

Watch The Video Below:

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