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Employees Who Are Dishonest Are The Bane Of Ghanaian Business Failure – John Dumelo

Politicians have a lot of responsibilities. Ghanaian firms, according to entrepreneur John Dumelo, are dying due to dishonest personnel.

He argues that businesses in Ghana fail because staff defraud their bosses and do not have the best interests of the firms they work for at heart.

More enterprises would have sprung up in the country if employees were honest, according to John Dumelo, helping to reduce the jobless rate.


However, he observes that Ghanaian businesses continue to fail, and he blames employees rather than bosses.

“Dishonest staff are the ruin of many Ghanaian firms.” In Jesus’ name, I pray that by 2022, all dishonest workers will be caught.”

This isn’t the first time a business owner has expressed dissatisfaction with dishonest personnel.

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