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E-Levy Is Good Because It Makes Me Happy To See Tax Deducted From My MoMo – Cwesi Oteng

The Ghanaian Gospel singer explains that “development is expensive” and it comes with a price that citizens of any country should be willing to pay. “It’s an avenue for revenue Government can have,” he said.

Cwesi Oteng opines that Ghanaians should embrace the E-Levy as he adds that “people don’t like paying tax in our country”.

According to him, he gets happy anytime a Telco deducts money from his account as charges on MOMO transactions. “Me if they deduct money on my MOMO transactions, it makes me happy because I feel like I am contributing something,” he said.


“If money doesn’t leave, how does money come to you, so I feel like I am contributing something to the country and it has nothing to do with politics,” The Gospel singer added.

Cwesi Oteng is one of the few bold Ghanaian musicians who has declared his political stand. Over the past years, he campaigned for the NPP and Nana Addo to win power from the Mahama led NDC government.

Watch the video below to hear more of his take on the E-Levy which has even caused a serious fight between NDC and NPP MPs in parliament as the minority has been opposing the introduction of the tax.

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